A medium length fiction film in post-production



Personal motivation:

Through my work in the project “Gefängnis, Kunst, Gesellschaft” between 2012 – 2013; I met with “Hadida”, and he was one of the participants in the prisoners’s theatre group in the Jugenstrafanstalt Berlin (JSA). By then, he was spending the last months of the seven years he spent in the prison from the age of 15 until 22.

Through regular weekly meetings, I’ve developed a personal relation with him, which has unfolded other sides of his personality for me; sides that were hidden underneath the first impression, which a prisoner like “Hadida” creates; the toughest prisoner in the (JSA) by that time who had been written about in most of the news papers; the one who was sentenced to the most years in jail amongst all the other prisoners.

Now I’ve known “Hadida” for more than two years. We kept meeting regularly after his release and I got to know his family, friends and the surroundings where he grew up. He changed enormously since the first time I met him, as he was exposed through theatre and cinema to different environments and horizons, which weren’t available in his teenage years when he went into criminality. That also makes him more aware of himself and the reality around him.

With “Hadida” and through him, I deeply believe that we have a special chance to make a deeper observation of these marginalised people and of the grounds which might drive them into criminality or any other aggression against the surroundings they live in.



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